A Guy Butt Dials 911 While Announcing He’s About to Drive Drunk

The best part of this story is the guy didn’t just get himself in trouble. He took his friends down with him . . .

A 25-year-old guy went to a bar near the town of Random Lake, Wisconsin last Saturday night. (About 40 miles north of Milwaukee.)

And he accidentally butt dialed 911 . . . right before announcing to everyone that he was about to drive DRUNK.

Dispatchers heard him say he was looking for his keys, and that he was so drunk he couldn’t see straight. So they sent out a unit.

When police got there around 3:00 A.M., he still hadn’t left. So he didn’t get a DUI. But it turned out he was out on bail for a PREVIOUS drunk driving charge, and wasn’t allowed to drink.

His blood alcohol level was about three times the legal limit, so they arrested him. Then they started talking to the six OTHER PEOPLE at the bar with him.

One was a 61-year-old guy who happened to be out on PAROLE in connection with a cocaine charge. He wasn’t allowed to be there either, so they arrested him too.

Then before they left, they also cited the 33-year-old BARTENDER for serving alcohol after hours.


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